Eugene Son
BIG head... BIG ideas

Selected Credits:

Television Writing:
    Lego Marvel Avengers: Code Red (Marvel Studios / LEGO) - 2023

    Ninjago: Dragons Rising (LEGO) - 2021-2023
    -Mindless Beasts

    The Legend of Vox Machina (Critical Role / Amazon) - 2019-2022
    -Feast of Realms
    -Whispers at the Ziggurat (co-written)
    -Rise of the Chroma Conclave (co-written)
    -Those Who Walk Away
    -Belly of the Beast

    Blade Runner: Black Lotus (Alcon / Sola Digital) - 2018-2021
    -City of Angels
    -The Doll Hunt (co-written)
    -The Davis Report
    -All the Best Memories
    -Time to Die

    Lego Monkie Kid (Lego) - 2019
    -Dumpling Destruction

    Hello, Ninja (Atomic Cartoons / Netflix) - 2019
    -Where Eagles Dare
    -Coming Clean
    -Under the Couch

    Knights of the Zodiac: SAINT SEIYA (Toei Animation) - 2017-2019
    -The Prophecy
    -One War Ends, Another Begins

    Lego Spider-Man (Lego / Marvel) - 2018-2019
    -Vexed by Venom

    Star Wars Resistance (Lucasfilm) - 2017-2019
    -Fuel for the Fire
    -Dangerous Business
    -Star Wars Resistance Shorts (co-writen)
    -Kaz's Curse

    Avengers: Black Panther's Quest (Marvel) - 2017-2018
    -Into the Deep
    -The Panther and the Wolf
    -Mists of Attilan
    -Crown of the Fathers

    Transformers: Cyberverse (Hasbro) - 2017-2018
    -The Journey
    -The Trial

    Lost in Oz (Amazon Studios) - 2017
    -The Nome King's Belt

    Marvel Super Hero Adventures (Marvel) - 2017
    -Shorts #1-#10

    Avengers: Secret Wars (Marvel) - 2015-2016
    -...Assemble! (shorts)
    -Under the Spell of the Enchantress
    -The Wastelands
    -All Things Must End

    Voltron: Legendary Defender (Dreamworks) - 2016
    -The Prisoner

    Avengers: Ultron Revolution (Marvel) - 2014-2015
    -Adapting to Change
    -The Kids are Alright
    -Panther's Rage
    -Civil War, Part 2: The Drums of War

    Miles from Tomorrowland (Wild Canary / Disney Jr.) - 2014-2015
    -Spaceship Invader (co-written)
    -Junked (co-written)
    -Frozen Food (co-written)
    -A Growing Problem
    -The Tardigrade Escape
    -Galactech: How to Built a Robot Pet (co-written)

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Nickelodeon) - 2012-2016
    -Follow the Leader
    -Mazes and Mutants
    -The Deadly Venom
    -Bat in the Belfry
    -When Worlds Collide (part 2)

    Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters (Hasbro) - 2015
    -Online Presence

    Max Steel (Mattel) - 2015
    -Team Turbo Fusion-Tek (co-written)

    Ultimate Spider-Man: Web Warriors (Marvel) - 2013-2014
    -Agent Venom
    -New Warriors
    -The Spider-Verse Part Four
    -Nightmare on Christmas
    -Contest of Champions: Part 4

    Marvel's Avengers Assemble (Marvel) - 2012-2014
    -Bring on the Bad Guys (co-written)
    -Widow's Run
    -Avengers' Last Stand

    Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. (Marvel) - 2012-2013
    -The Collector
    -Hulks on Ice
    -A Thing About Machines
    -For Asgard
    -The Hunted

    Ben 10: Omniverse (Cartoon Network) - 2011-2013
    -A Jolt from the Past
    -Blukic and Driba go to Mr. Smoothy's
    -Special Delivery
    -Food Around the Corner
    -Mud is Thicker than Water
    -Bengeance is Mine
    -And Then There Were None
    -Blukic and Driba go to Area 51

    Ultimate Spider-Man (Marvel) - 2011-2012
    -Field Trip (co-written)
    -Awesome (co-written)
    -Run Pig Run (co-written)
    -Revealed (co-written)
    -Electro (co-written)
    -House Arrest (co-written)

    Slugterra (Nerd Corps) - 2011-2012
    -Shadows and Light

    Kaijudo (The Hub) - 2011
    -Into the Fire: Part 2

    Care Bears: Welcome to Care-a-Lot (Moonscoop/The Hub) - 2011
    -Compassion - NOT

    The 99 (Endemol UK) - 2011
    -Identity Crisis

    Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (Cartoon Network) - 2009 - 2011
    -Video Games
    -The Transmogrification of Eunice
    -Girl Trouble
    -Greetings from Techadon
    -The Widening Gyre
    -The Beginning of the End (teleplay)

    Generator Rex (Cartoon Network) - 2009 - 2011
    -Operation: Wingman
    -Crash and Burn
    -Enemies Mine

    Power Rangers Super Samurai (Saban/Nickelodeon) - 2011
    -Something Fishy

    Iron Man: Armored Adventures (Marvel) - 2007, 2010
    -Cold War
    -Fun With Lasers (story)
    -Designed Only For Chaos (story)
    -Look into the Light
    -Enter: Iron Monger

    Green Lantern: The Animated Series (Warner Bros Animation) - 2010
    -Razer's Edge

    The Super Hero Squad Show (Marvel) - 2008 - 2010
    -Hulk Talk Smack!
    -If This Be My Thanos!
    -Deadly is the Black Widow's Bite! (teleplay)
    -Tales of Suspense!
    -Mother of Doom!
    -Support Your Local Sky-Father!
    -Villainy Redux Syndrome! (co-written teleplay)
    -Double Negation at World's End!
    -Too Many Wolverines!
    -Days, Nights, and Weekends of Future Past!
    -The Devil Dinosaur You Say!
    -Missing: Impossible! (co-written)
    -Revenge of the Baby Sat!

    G.I.Joe Renegades (Hasbro/The Hub) - 2010
    -Dreadnoks Rising
    -Union of the Snake

    Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes (Marvel) - 2009
    -Come the Conquerer!

    Ben 10: Alien Force (Cartoon Network) - 2008, 2009
    -Fools Gold
    -Above and Beyond

    My Friends Tigger & Pooh (Disney) - 2007
    -Funny Rabbit

    Storm Hawks (Nerd Corps) - 2006, 2007
    -King for a Day
    -Forbidden City
    -Calling All Domos
    -Atmos' Most Wanted
    -Second Chances
    -Energy Crisis
    -A Wallop for all Seasons

    Care Bears: Adventures in Care-A-Lot (American Greetings/SD Entertainment) - 2007
    -Cheer, There and Everywhere

    Ben 10 (Cartoon Network) - 2006
    -Big Fat Alien Wedding
    -Ready to Rumble

    A.T.O.M. (SIP Animation) - 2004, 2005
    -Spydah, Spiders Everywhere
    -Camping with the Enemy

    Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (4Kids Entertainment) - 2004
    -Scion of the Shredder
    -Trouble with Augie

Comic Book Writing:
    Ultimate Spider-Man Infinite Digital Comics (Marvel) - 2015
    -Issues #1 through #6

    Ultimate Spider-Man #4 (Marvel) - 2012
    -"Don't Rain on my Parade"

    Ultimate Spider-Man #2 (Marvel) - 2012
    -"Notes From Underground"

    Cartoon Network Action Pack #65 (DC) - 2011
    -"Hero Times Two" (co-written)

    Marvel Adventures Super Heroes #19 (Marvel) - 2011
    -"A Lesson in History, Naturally"

    Cartoon Network Action Pack #64 (DC) - 2011
    -"The Quest!"

    Cartoon Network Action Pack #62 (DC) - 2011
    -"Ben 10: Jail Break"

    Cartoon Network Action Pack #60 (DC) - 2011
    -"Generator Rex: Grunion Run"

    Cartoon Network Action Pack #57 (DC) - 2011
    -"Ben 10: One Man's Trash"

    Cartoon Network Action Pack #56 (DC) - 2011
    -"Generator Rex: A Blank Canvas"

    Cartoon Network Action Pack #54 (DC) - 2011
    -"Ben 10: The Monster at the End of this Book"

    Cartoon Network Action Pack #51 (DC) - 2010
    -"Generator Rex: Extra Baggage" (co-written)

    Cartoon Network Action Pack #50 (DC) - 2010
    -"Generator Rex: Distraction" (co-written)

    Super Hero Squad #4 (Marvel) - 2009
    -"Every Inhuman Has Its Day"

    Iron Man: Armored Adventures #1 (Marvel) - 2009
    -"Heart of a Hero"
    -"Moving Target"

    Gotham Group

    University of California at San Diego (B.A. Literature Writing)